Modern School works on the fundamentals of channelizing the vivacity and effervescence of students to their interest fields. Societies look after keeping up the students with changing environment by organizing various extra-curricular activities which keep up the spark and zeal among students.


“Photography is the pause button of life.”

Photography is the beautiful enactment and picturization of our surroundings and the most valuable moments of our lives. We aim to capture the memorable moments of this prestigious institution and pledge to work harder, push our limits to bring out the best in us and serve selflessly for the development of this institution.

- Navdeep Dhall

- Harshit Bhatia & Atharv Goenka (Joint Secretary),
Kashvi Sethia (Creative Director)


'Language is the blood of the soul into which the thoughts run and out of which they grow.'

We strongly believe that language is an asset that has a lifetime effect on every individual's life. Our club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity, and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. We offer a space for creative minds to express themselves freely through our social/ literary discussions and exciting events.

- Somya Sharma

- Aditi Khubchandani and Agamya Jain (Joint Secretary)


"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen."

." We aspire to leverage this mindset in our digitally connected world through the ModVlog Society. Introducing social networking as a vibrant means of expression, we aim to unveil its overlooked potential. This new society takes charge of all social media platforms, fostering connectivity and dynamic interaction among our community. Let's make ideas happen together!

- Sushant Rai

- Tanishq Chaudhary, Karan Jain & Sujat Pathan (Joint Secretary)


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and their accomplishment."

At Modern School, we believe that every Modernite is a reservoir of talent and potential. The Discipline Society is dedicated to instilling self-discipline, obedience, punctuality, and respect in our young minds, nurturing responsible citizens for our nation's future.

- Abeer Patni

- Sania Malkani (Joint Secretary)


"In the arena of life, play your best game."

Fueling passion and camaraderie, our Sports Club at Modern School is the heartbeat of athleticism. We champion teamwork, dedication, and a spirit of healthy competition. From thrilling matches to camps, join us in fostering athletes and resilient individuals prepared for success on and off the field.

- Krish Khubchanadani

Raunita Rakesh (Joint Secretary)


"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

In the Art Club, we embrace this philosophy, infusing new designs and ideas into every moment. Committed to planning, designing, and executing concepts proposed by the student council, we turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary artistic expressions.

- Isha Khandelwal (Secretary)

- Shachi Jain (Secretary)
Mahreen Khan & Manika Gautam (Joint Secretary),
Yakshi Sharma (Creative Director)


"Time endears but cannot fade the memories that friends have made."

The Alumni Cell endeavors to create a global platform for current students to connect and exchange ideas freely with fellow Modernites worldwide. Fostering a network that transcends time, we celebrate the enduring bonds and shared experiences that define the essence of being a Modernite.

- Samriddhi Nyati

Tanishka Goyal, Yash Shivhare & Nandani Yadav (Joint Secretary)



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