To inculcate in our students the importance of team work and spirit of oneness, the students have been divided into four houses. This brings them on a common platform to participate in events and gives them opportunities to learn about cooperation and working together towards a common goal.

Diamond HOUSE

Diamond epitomizes strength, power, fortitude, creativity, purity, harmony and faithfulness. Diamond's rarity and beauty symbolize energy and fidelity and embrace the strength of character and ethics. It encourages the aspects of truth and trust. As every Modernite, like a Diamond, is precious and different, our actions and plans will also be different and unique this year as we aim to make every Modernite a sparkler!!!

- Tusharika Tripathi

On this leadership journey as Diamond Society's House Captain, I aspire to infuse our plans with the rare qualities of a diamond—strength, creativity, and loyalty. Together, let's make this year a sparkling testament to each Modernite's uniqueness, forging a collective path toward excellence and shared success. Shine bright, Diamond Society!

- Samrat Singh
(Vice Captain)


Ruby is the stone of love, energy, courage, passion, power, and a zest for life. Like no other gemstone, Ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings. As ruby is a precious gem, we want our fellow Modernites to emerge as gems. Everyone has talents; we wish to draw them out and make them shine as precious gems. As Ruby has its color, we want our house students to have their own identity. We hope to serve every Modernite and our school as best as possible..

- Aditya Saraf

With the fiery spirit of rubies, I'm here to foster unity and enthusiasm. Our simple yet impactful plans aim to light up each student's unique qualities. We aim to make this year a gem of shared success and memorable experiences.

- Simrita Sahni
(Vice Captain)

Emerald HOUSE

Emerald symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and unity. Just as this precious stone is globally recognized for its beauty and value, we affirm that every student possesses a unique and beautiful mind. We aim to harness their inner strengths, transforming weaknesses into newfound capabilities.

- Akshat Jain

In the heart of the Emerald Society, I'm humbled to serve as Vice Captain. With the vibrant essence of emeralds, let's embark on a journey of discovery, supporting one another's unique brilliance. Our collective strength will illuminate our path, fostering an environment where each student blossoms.

- Ashmi Jain
(Vice Captain)


The world awaits exploration in the vast expanse of possibilities, offering pearls of opportunity. The foremost duty is to shape reality; the ultimate one is gratitude. In the interim, let's craft an inspiring narrative that encapsulates the evolution of a purposeful community—a dwelling of continuous artistic progress.

- Samyak Jain

Eager to lead as Vice Captain of Pearl Society, I passionately embrace the responsibility. Like pearls, each student is distinct and valuable and contributes to our collective shine. With unity and enthusiasm, our shared journey promises success, growth, and unforgettable moments.

- Kashvi Upadhyay
(Vice Captain)



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