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Modern School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed faculty! Their perpetual efforts and expertise play a vital role in the development of our future minds. Meet our teams committed to excellence.

I believe that focused efforts and honesty are the secret to success. I trust that nothing can improve society more than better education. The passion, enthusiasm and the commitment that both staff and students exhibit, makes Nursery Block a unique and cherished place to teach and learn. The Modern Family is made complete and meaningful by the continued support and cooperation offered by the parents of our cheerful and loving children of Nursery Block.

- Ms. Audrie D'Silva (Floor Incharge - Nursery Block)

Modern school is renowned for its devotion to academic rigour and I feel great pride in being a part of this citadel of learning. Education has seen a complete transformation in the intervening decades and I strongly believe that there is a need to revamp the learning process and teach children enquiry, introspection and expression. We need to provide students with a basket of skills, which helps them to handle the situations, find solutions to problems, critically think and find means to a respectable survival and modern school is committed to do the same.

- Mr. Manish Jain (Floor Incharge - Ground Floor)

I, SangeetaGadhok, have been associated with the institution for the past 22 years. I believe ‘Every child is like wet clay and moral values shape the vessel’. We at Modern believe in giving good moral values to the students and nurture them as confident Modernites to stand out of the crowd in their later years.

- Ms. Sangeeta Gadhok (Floor Incharge – First Floor)

Learning is a process - a journey. I have learnt and evolved under the guidance of Sir Principal, Dr. Deepak Singh. Aristotle once said, 'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all' and we also do believe in this and incorporate moral values and ethics along with the inculcation of soft skills in addition to academics. We strongly follow and uphold our motto of Modern School that is ‘We Care’ which is our guiding force.

- Ms. Priti Banda (Floor Incharge – Top Floor)



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