Modern School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed faculty! Their perpetual efforts and expertise play a vital role in the development of our future minds. Meet our teams committed to excellence.

The role of an Executive helped me to break all the self-imposed limitations I had put on myself and helped me to tap my untapped potential. I aspire to continue spreading smiles to each and every child's face and to help them become happy and responsible individuals.

- Ms. Shilpa Chawla (Class executive - Nursery and L.K.G)

I am a teacher, that's how I define myself. Teaching is a noble profession that shapes character, caliber, and future of an individual. Patience, kindness, affection, flexibility, tolerance and being open minded with a good sense of humour are the qualities which I have developed being with little kids. Above all it’s their sweet gestures and greetings that make you feel elated.

- Ms. Ila Singh (Executive –Class H.K.G)

I joined Modern School in the year 2006 and I feel an intense gratitude in being a part of this prestigious family. It has been a wonderful journey till date under the guidance of our respected Deepak Sir and other learned teachers. Working in the Nursery Block with the little ones has been a beautiful experience. It is an overwhelming feeling to act as a motherly figure for them. Not just their smiles and gestures of love are unexplainable but also the response from their parents is worth working hard for.

- Ms. Seema Herald (Executive –Class I)

As an Executive of class II it gives me an immense pleasure to work with pure and pious minds and souls. At Modern, we groom our students by inculcating human values, self- discipline, asense of responsibility and confidence, which makes them holistic individuals in future.

- Ms. SabihaSayed (Executive –Class II)

As an Executive for Class III I remain committed to encourage students to reach their maximum potential. I thoroughly enjoy working with young minds and strive to build their self-esteem with warmth and care. I believe in creating a cooperation community in classroom and in the school premises. Wholesome development of students is only possible by establishing cooperative relationship with parents and teachers.

- Ms. Ranjula Raman (Executive –Class III)

I believe in creating a healthy and supportive learning environment that helps to shape the students’ future. Students are the building blocks of a modern society and it takes tremendous dedication and skills to nurture them.

- Ms. Munjula Jain (Executive –Class IV)

II firmly believe Teaching is a serious vocation; therefore it needs a lot of patience and perseverance amidst the changes and challenges of the modern world. Being a teacher, I have always taken teaching seriously with conviction and care. But at the same time I desire ways to make it interesting and joyful for myself and my learners.

- Ms. Kirti Bhawnani (Executive –Class V)

I have been associated with Modern School since 1998 and what an empowering journey it has been! I have seen little kids growing into well-behaved mature young students ready to take on the responsibility of the world. It has been an enlightening experience, which has enriched me also as a human.

- Ms. Daljeet Kaur Penci (Executive – Class VI)

I have been associated with Modern School for more than 12 years and I have always admired and appreciated the professionalism and standards maintained by this school. I have learned a lot and have grown as a person by being associated with this institute. I will always be thankful to be apart of the Modern family.

- Ms. Meenu Chaudary (Executive – Class VII)

I have been associated with Modern School since 2010. It’s been 7 years of an interesting, educationaland a motivational journey which has reformed me as a person. I believe there is nothing impossible in life. Aim high and work hard to achieve that.

- Mr. PushpkantVaishnav (Executive – Class VIII)

I have been associated with this institution since 2005. As a Modern faculty member, I proudly proclaim ‘I care’. I care for the well- being of my students, for their education, for their character. I believe in doing well. I firmly believe ‘Only you can change your life’. So work hard to achieve your dream.

‘Good, better or best, never let it rest

Till your good is better and better is best’

- Ms. Mona Jain (Executive–Class IX)

‘The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe’. We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

‘Editorial Board is a creative set of members who weave the words into quality intricate designs and fabrics of articles, stories and facts. It gives ample opportunities for language enhancement to the Modernites the whole year round.

- Ms. Pratima Singh Dhar (Executive – Class X)

We at Modern School believe that it is more important to be nice than being important, hence the focus is always on making each and every Modernite a better person besides making him a better student. Someone said, "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” So always care for others and for everyone around you.

- Mr. G. Srikant (Executive–Class XI)

Modern school is renowned for its devotion to academic rigour and I feel great pride in being a part of this citadel of learning. Education has seen a complete transformation in the intervening decades and I strongly believe that there is a need to revamp the learning process and teach children enquiry, introspection and expression. We need to provide students with a basket of skills, which helps them to handle the situations, critically think of solutions to problems and find means to a respectable survival and Modern School is committed to do the same.

- Mr. Manish Jain (Executive – Class XII)



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