The Modern School Student Council is the student representative organization for all our students. It forms a unified voice for all students to advocate their interests and is an important part of the school environment.

It is truly said “Leadership is the capacity to change vision into reality.”

For me being the Head boy is not just about a position but it is about the action and example. I promise to stand by every Modernite in this new session. I commit myself to the rules and regulations of our school and also towards our school motto ‘Truth Devote Dedicate.’

- Priyansh Goyal (Head Boy)

It is rightly said “With authority comes responsibility and with responsibility comes maturity.”

This institution has provided me ample opportunities to make me realize my hidden talents so that I fly high, explore and strive towards success. Discipline, sincerity and kindness are the pillars on which my ideals are based. As the head girl I’ll try my best to portray it and inspire others with it.

- Vedehi Gautam (Head Girl)



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