Where creativity meets excellence. And excellence meets ecstasy.

In keeping with global educational trends, Modern School has ergonomically designed buildings where students can bring out the best in them. With well-ventilated and cheerfully colored classrooms, the school also has playgrounds and attached indoor sporting facility. With its own auditorium, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, library etc., the young learners will be able to face the competitive world with courage and fortitude, attuning them to the magic of our great, big, beautiful world.

Basketball teaches the students about the necessary fitness levels needed to stay healthy. It also helps athletes to learn other social skills essential in the real world, where collaboration, preparation, and intellect are the key

The school's basketball court is one of a kind. Its synthetic flooring makes it all the more captivating. The indoor basketball court is air-conditioned and spacious enough to accommodate a large audience.



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