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Modern School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed faculty! Their perpetual efforts and expertise play a vital role in the development of our future minds. Meet our teams committed to excellence.

I have been a faculty member at Modern school for the past 22 years and am proud of my association with this prestigious institute. I have grown into an educationist who is able to multitask.

Ability is what you are capable of doing, opportunity determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it. Never undermine your ability, always remain motivated. Be a loving, caring person and earn respect through your deeds. Give respect and be an asset to the society.

- Mr. Satish Gosain


I joined this institution in 1989 as an office clerk and have since grown, with the guidance of my superiors and colleagues at this institution, to be a part of the Admin team. I strive to be a good human being trying my best to inculcate the same values in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions.

- Mr. Alwin Abreo



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