We Strive

  • To ensure that children feel safe and secure in our care.
  • To enable children to form positive and trusting relationships with their peers.
  • To provide enthralling experiences for children to explore and learn from.
  • To work closely with parents for the overall development of their children.
  • To provide a strong base for the children to help in their future academic learning process.

Hoppers | Age group 1.5 to 2.5 yrs

This will be the first stage in your child’s growth pattern where he/she will learn soft communication skills through language labs, exploration skills through adventure and cognitive means and learn correct mannerisms which are highly essential in today’s time.

Special focus will be given to develop the intelligence profile of each child. Mothers are required to accompany the Hoppers.

Steppers | Age group 2-3 yrs

This stage will focus on higher mental development of your child by focusing on language skills, sensory skills & general awareness. They will be provided with the latest educational aids necessary to nurture their budding talent and to make them more smart and communicative.