Our Vision

The Motto of our school is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into making of a noble institution with a noble mission.

We believe in guiding the students through a system beyond pure academic achievements into the development of a holistic identity.

At ‘The Steps’, we’re ushering in a new generation of global citizens with the confidence, skills and cultural awareness they’ll need to thrive. That means nurturing children with lessons about growing up to be happy and healthy. Our curriculum spans six key areas of early childhood development—Cognition, Language, Social, Emotional, Physical and Cultural diversity—in line with India’s National Curriculum Framework.

We sincerely believe that Human Engineering is more important than Technical engineering. Our commitment of delivering superior education in a loving environment enables students to build successful and happy lives. At ‘The Steps’, we take into account that all children are individuals with their own characteristics and temperament. All children develop and mature at different rates making their progress unique to them. Every area of development – physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional, is equally important. Warm, trusting relationships with knowledgeable adults, support children’s learning more effectively than any amount of resources.