Welcome To The Steps

At Steps, you step into a whole new world. A world filled with joy, excitement, creativity and imagination.

Toddlers love to master new concepts, we at Steps encourage them to unlock their curiosity, creativity and imagination. We let them to live their childhood. They play, they create, they learn, they explore and dig into any new concept. We cater to each and every requirement of the child. Steps is a home away from home. It’s a playschool with a difference. Our motto is to play off the child’s interests with plenty of fun and everyday activities. The environment provided at Steps ensures the inner artist to emerge out of the child. It provides a nurturing environment where a child can play and create some wonderful childhood memories and at the same time reap some educational benefits. We believe that this age is the perfect time for laying the foundation for future skills. Comfort and safety being our top priority, we provide the child with every fun opportunity. From the art-craft studio to water playroom to yoga, every program is a package of happiness, joy, delight and refreshment.

Kids love nature, they are fascinated by all small things found in nature. From a small ant to a big cloud they find pleasure in every little thing. We allow them to experience and feel this, pleasure. Childhood is the most beauriful season of one’s life, for the child as well as a parent. We open up the gates for the mother to know and explore their own little toddlers. Steps is a place where a child lives the moments of life to the fullest. Let yourself experience this wonderful world.

‘At Steps, we let them be little’