Modern School Kota
Science Lab

Science Laboratory at Modern School are designed to encourage and kindle curiosity of the students. The laboratories are situated in two different buildings and are equipped with the most modern apparatus.

Experimental science is entirely based on accurate observation recorded in the laboratories using proper instruments.

Each laboratory is provided with enough working area, storage, preparation room and a separate room for the subject head. Special care has been given to the safety aspects in the laboratories. With the highly sophisticated and fully equipped laboratories and the wisdom of experienced faculty; the students tend to benefit immensely in the pursuit of scientific excellence.

Computer Lab

The School offers Information Technology across the gamut of it activity, form hardware to software, information management and multimedia design, slides and over head projectors, sound and video systems and networked computers integrating sound, animation, text, graphics and images are available for the learning empowerment of every student. The fully air – conditioned lab that offers the latest system are always buzzing with activity. This mini multimedia universe makes the students computer savvy, right form their kindergarten strata; and teaches them the skills that are a must in this information age.

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