Modern School is privileged to have a dynamic team of dedicated, highly qualified, well-experienced and committed faculty! Their perpetual efforts and expertise play a vital role in the development of our future minds. Meet our teams committed to excellence.

I strongly feel teaching is the more of a passion than a qualification. It is essential for a teacher to be child centric and have the ability to adapt, evolve and change to cater to the needs of the child in terms of 21st century education to enable the child reach his/her highest potential. Work with honesty and simplicity. Just be focused and sky's the limit. Hard work is the only key to success. I wish you all a bright future.

- Mr. David D'Souza (Co-ordinator - Discipline)

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’
We at Modern School, emphasize that sports is a part of the learning environment for students.It makes them active, stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Our sports specific classes, Annual Sports Meet, Summer Camp etc. are all conducted under right instructions, equipments and facilities for children to enhance their sports ability and nurture to their fullest potential.

- Mr. Rajeev Singh Rathore (Co-ordinator - Sports)

“Focus on the journey ,not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity , but in doing it.”
Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. Learning at our school is based on fundamental principles of life ; teaching the children to be courageous , confident , disciplined , responsible , and loyal. Education at our school provides a foundation for a lifetime learning and is great fun too. I also take this opportunity to thank the parents of our students for having bestowed their faith and confidence in us. Your faith in us is our driving force .

- Mr. Vineet Tandon (Co-ordinator)

“Life becomes a festival when gaiety and culture blend”
I being an ex-modernite and a proud staff member from last 11 years feel honoured to serve my school in charismatic field of cultural department. We make it a point that every modernite gets a chance to shed his/her inhibitions and explore their hidden talents. We focus on organizing different workshops on self -grooming as well as art and craft activities throughout the year. We have many inter class/house competitions in different creative fields.

- Ms. Manisha Kohli (Cultural Co-ordinator)

Cultural activities give students the opportunity to know themselves better, to open up with others and to gain a better sense of belonging to their community. They encourage students to play an active role in society and become responsiblecitizens and inspirational role models. It has been an honour and privilege to be a part of such a reputed school.

- Ms. Gursheen Chadda (Assistant Cultural Co-ordinator)

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