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Floor Incharge
Junior Prime co-ordinator  

One can be a winner without a medal and a loser with a medal, if winning is not kept in perspective. Being a winner is a spirit; winners have kept winning in this perspective based on their value system.

Finally, good values and moral strength leads to real happiness in life. Hardwork always pays.

Mr. R.K. Jain - (Coordinator – Ground floor)


I joined this institution in 1998 as economics teacher. I believe that the professional approacsh with which school functions speaks volumes about accountability, availability and creditability amongst the staff.

Our institution is delivering indepth knowledge in every aspect of teaching, thus making a mark for itself.


Mrs. Bharti Gaur - (Coordinator – Ground floor)

Junior College co-ordinator  

I am Ms. Priti Banda, M.Sc. And B.Ed. Teaching biology to Secondary and Senior Secondary students, have been in this revered organization where I have evolved, learnt and matured under the guidance of Sir Principal. I am the floor incharge of the first floor and nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of dealing with kids of this age group, who with their boundless energy and innocent love keep me captivated. I wish to flourish with my second family forever.


Ms. Priti Banda - (Coordinator – first floor)

Asst. Co-Ordinator  

I joined the Modern Family on November 3rd,1998 as a science teacher and became the coordinator of Junior High wing in 2010-11 sessions. Now I am the coordinator of nursery block.

The schooling at Modern makes a child grow up with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. We prepare the students to soar with confidence and alight on the platform of real life withs fortitude and wisdom.

Mrs. AudrieD’souza - (Coordinator – Nursery block)

Junior High co-ordinator  

I have been the part of this prestigious institution since January 1991. I strongly believe and imbibe the same in my young Modernites that patience, practice and perseverance are important factors of success. I sincerely pray to see my each Modernites reach the zenith of success.

Mr. David D’souza - (Coordinator – top floor)
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