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Dear students,

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would really astound ourselves.”

Once you begin to make practical, tangible plans for your future, that future can become a reality. Now you have a clear vision of where you want to go, a belief that you can get there, and step by step goals to guide you toward your objective. Once those three elements are in place, the real work begins.

I wish you all to be perseverant and determined because the rewards you get out of any endeavor depend on the effort you put into it. Concentrated effort is the secret behind successful people.

It is true, “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone, who will never be able to repay you.” Life is not meant to be lived selfishly. The true key to living a successful life is to turn the focus from, “How can I help myself?” to, “What can I do for others?”

I wish the Modernites to carry the torch of inner strength, humanity, and goodness wherever they go, spreading happiness, giving every face a smile and making a difference in people’s life.

You may have miles to go but… “Our lessons come from the journey and not the decision.”

Dr. Deepak Singh


Dear students,

"The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination."

There is no affront to yourself or others in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you to do. But your decision to keep on the path or to leave free of fear and ambition…

It is not enough to believe in your dreams if they leave you empty and unfulfilled. It’s much easier to make decisions in life if you have a guiding principle.

Dreams don’t have to be grandiose to be worthy – they should be beneficial to yourself and those around you, to allow you utilize your skills and talents, and something you believe in so strongly that no adversity can keep you from pursuing it.

It’s all about having a passion so strong that it makes you want to give it everything you have got, all the time – a passion that drives you to your goal. There should also be a reality check on your plans and dreams. Everything is achievable if you’re willing to put in the effort, and to make certain compromises and sacrifices.

Believe in always being persistent and determined – as one can remove all obstacles through quiet perseverance. I know there will still be hard times in the future but the beautiful memories and reminder to celebrate every moment in life will help to overcome those difficult times.

Mr. Vaibhav Singh

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