Science Lab

The school has a composite science lab which caters to the students of primary and middle school where under the able guidance of the teachers, students are encouraged to exhibit their innovative aptitude.

At the primary level, students are familiarized with the apparatuses, equipments and specimens along with demonstrations of various experiments by teachers to develop an understanding and interest towards the subject.

At the middle level, students are given opportunities to experiment together, make observations and arrive at conclusions which enable them to co-operate and work as a team, a skill that is crucial in today’s world.

Physics Lab – The Physics lab allows for a complete practical experience for students across all grades. From experiments in kinematics to electricity, the Physics lab is fully equipped for practical learning.

Chemistry Lab – From titrations to deducing boiling points, our Chemistry lab is the perfect place for every experiment. We have a range of chemicals used for a variety of experiments and practical work.

Biology Lab – The Biology lab allows students to examine and investigate the wonders of life. With microscopes and specimens (both plant and animal), students can explore, experiment and discover the wonders of nature beyond the classroom.