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Student Council - 2012 - 13

The student council holds examples of ideal leaders for the students and acts as inspiration for them. Their job is to maintain discipline and ensure the smooth organization of the events in the school. They are the representatives of the school and uphold the school’s reputation.

Head Boy

Being the head boy is not about being better than others but it is about the faith entrusted in me by our esteemed school. I promise to keep all my commitments with utmost sincerity and obedience.

Abhinav Gupta - (Head Boy)
Head Girl

I can think of no better way to repay and regain all what I have learned from the school over the year. I look forward to all the challenges with energy and a level head. This role of being a head girl would also benefit me in learning a whole new range of leadership skills. I would put in my best to live up to all the expectations.

Saloni Jain - (Head Girl)
General Secretary

“‘He who has a why to do shall surpass all…’

The pith of this saw keeps me going. I feel honored to hold this post and would assay to be a great addition to this team which is already adorned with the choicest talents.

Mohak Gadhok - (General Secretary)
Emerald House

Green is the color of greenery and varied potential.

Emerald House tries to take the hard work, strength and determination of the children to the zenith. We take up activities with all zeal and enthusiasm, leaving no stone unturned; our house strives for the best.

We believe a battle is half won if fought with unity.

Emerald-House-Captain       Sapna-Choudhary-(Secretary)
Rishabh Jhawar
Shreya Khandelwal
(Vice Captain)
Pearl House

Pearl..defines eternal peace and beauty. Pearl is the purest and the most divine character of the sea and its infinity.

We, at pearl house, show our hard work through everything we do, we try and bring out the zeal and the meticulous attitude in our modernites.

'Passion is a keyboard that drives every human' and this very passion in the captain and the vice-captain would take the house to the top.

Pearl-House-Captain       Pearl-House-Vice-Captain
Kishika Mittal
Parth Sharma
(Vice Captain)
Diamond House

A carbon that goes through pressure of mammoth proportions over eons is a respeldent DIAMOND; yielding positive energy with its sheer presence. Blue is the diamond that shines in us. Blue and diamond are two such forces that take away the negativity by their mention. Blue is the color that represents the universe and calm. So we bring to you these positive forces to excel in all that we take up.

Diamond-House-Captain       Diamond-House-Vice-Captain
Ravi Goyal
Amrit Matharu
(Vice Captain)
Ruby House

Love, power, energy, passion, confidence, leadership, encouragement, aggression…..

These feelings capture the spirit of Ruby house. With the kind monitoring and responsible management of the teachers, office bearers and students, Ruby house always attempts to live up to the expectations behind the creation of their house.

Ruby-House-Captain       Ruby-House-Vice-Captain
Bhavika Jaisinghani
Padmanabh Puranik
(Vice Captain)
Photography Society

Call it views, imagination or seeing, it all comes down to the same thing; the ability to envision a final result in your mind and then to make it so with your tools at hand. The Photography Society of Modern School captures those live and joyful moments which are to be cherished forever.

Secretary Photography Society       Joint Secretary Photography Society
Apurv Kabra
Yash Mehrotra
(Joint Secretary)
Social Servive League

Serving mankind proves to be a boon for the people suffering with the bane ’

The social service society is a helping hand for those who plea with hope in their eyes.

The society believes in fulfilling the needs of those who are waiting for their needs to be fulfilled. Be it an adult or an infant, the society always takes the problems of the needy as their own problems.

‘ United we stand ; To serve ’

The quality of the efforts and the quantity of the hard work put in by its members are rewarded with the awe inspiring response that they receive.

Secretary Social Servive League       Joint Secretary Social Servive League
Pranjal Agrawal
Rohan Kohli
(Joint Secretary)
Editorial Board

The editorial board endeavors to take the happenings and daily events in the school to each individual here. The innovative efforts of the editorial board makes NEUMS – News Education ‘U’ and Modern School a success. We set about to chisel the inner Shakespeares and Blytons in the students; as we firmly believe that the finest writers are still in making.

Editorial-Board-Secretary.jpg       Editorial-Board-Joint-Secretary.jpg
Swati Asnani
Sanskriti Vijay
(Joint Secretary)
Planning Forum

Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men's blood. Make big plans, aim high in hope and work...............

Planning forum-a distinguished society comprising modern planners. It is a society dedicated towards spreading awareness about current affairs and ongoing events that concern the world today. We plan and implement these plans for the betterment of the students by allowing them to interact with mind buzzing intellectual thoughts. 'Failing to plan, is planning to fail' and that is why planning forum is prior, around which all of the societies circumfuse.

Planning Fourm Secretary.jpg       Planning Fourm Joint-Secretary.jpg
Anisha Patni
Divya Sukheja
(Joint Secretary)
Singing Society

Singing is discipline. Singing is an art that opens out a way for the imprisoned splendor within us to escape. It comes from deep within our soul and mind. It is the expression of heart and art. Singing society gives a platform to the upcoming singers in MODERN SCHOOL, a stage to voice there vocal talents.

Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Runjhun Satsangi
Riya Luhadia
(Joint Secretary)
Alumni Cell

Modern School, over the years, has produced excellent and successful minds. The alumni have risen to great heights in their life. Alumni cell, by its efforts, tries to bring the alumni and the present modernites in close association with each other. It organizes different events calling upon the alums to enrich the present cream with their experience. The society ensures that it covers more and more alums and thus relive the catchline.

‘Once a modernite, always a modernite !’

Secretary Alumni Cell       Joint Secretary Alumni Cell
Arshin Jindal
Lekha Lokhwani
(Joint Secretary)
Debating Society

Debating and discussion society provides a supporting pillar to students. We walk the talk by practicing the right to speech and expression in real sense. Our debates and discussions are the lamps that illuminate and enlighten the minds and discard the darkness of ignorance through logic and reasoning. Wining for us, is too shallow an aim. Our aims stretch further beyond what meets the eyes.

Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Shivani Parihar
Aishna Sharma
(Joint Secretary)
Cultural Group

It’s an old relationship with Modern School which came to a full circle when I joined again four months back in March 2013. I feel blessed to get a chance again to work under the guidance of our learned Director, Dr. Deepak Singh and the dynamic leadership of our Principal Mr. Vaibhav Singh.

It is said that the best way to predict future is to create one. Modern School is not just a school but a workshop of life building for its pupils. It has been a pioneer in all the spheres of schooling in the city especially because of the out of the box cultural activities. We strive to mold the nascent young pupils of our school so that they rise and shine not just in academics but as leaders in all the walks of life.

Sapna Choudhary
Music Society

‘Music expresses that which con not be said and that which cannot remain silent.’

Music Society provides the students with a stage to showcase their musical talents. Be it singing, playing musical instruments or even writing songs, talent is always welcomed and nourished here. Musically, we make the performances captivating and enthralling.

Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Shreya Hatila
Elsa George
(Joint Secretary)
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