Modern School Kota
Student Council - 2013 - 14

The student council holds examples of ideal leaders for the students and acts as inspiration for them. Their job is to maintain discipline and ensure the smooth organization of the events in the school. They are the representatives of the school and uphold the school’s reputation.

Head Boy

My aim is to bring to light the talent hidden in the beaming class of our young Modernite's. They get set to re-innovate themselves which holding high our school’s motto “TRUTH , DEVOTE , DEDICATE,

Ishan Jain - (Head Boy)
Head Girl

I think inspiration is the spark that ignites big dreams and ideas. Let’s have fire in our bones and passion in our eyes. Don’t be afraid to dream big and go that extra mile with smile. We are all called to leadership and service, let’s go out and conquer the world with smile.

Sakshi Sethi - (Head Girl)
General Secretary

I have grown up from a tiny toddler to a mature teenager from this school and the revered staff have always guided me through everything.

This role of being the general secretary would give me an opportunity to not only inculcate within me the leadership skills but also give a chance to repay my bit for what this esteemed institution has done for me. I would give my best to live up to all expectations.

Padamanabh Puranik - (General Secretary)
Emerald House

Green is the color of greenery and varied potential.

Emerald House tries to take the hard work, strength and determination of the children to the zenith. We take up activities with all zeal and enthusiasm, leaving no stone unturned; our house strives for the best.

We believe a battle is half won if fought with unity.

Emerald-House-Captain       Sapna-Choudhary-(Secretary)
Shreya Khandelwal
Shivashish Ahuja
(Vice Captain)
Pearl House

Pearl..defines eternal peace and beauty. Pearl is the purest and the most divine character of the sea and its infinity.

We, at pearl house, show our hard work through everything we do, we try and bring out the zeal and the meticulous attitude in our modernites.

'Passion is a keyboard that drives every human' and this very passion in the captain and the vice-captain would take the house to the top.

Pearl-House-Captain       Pearl-House-Vice-Captain
Yash Chaturvedi
Kajal Singh Tomar
(Vice Captain)
Diamond House

A carbon that goes through pressure of mammoth proportions over eons is a respeldent DIAMOND; yielding positive energy with its sheer presence. Blue is the diamond that shines in us. Blue and diamond are two such forces that take away the negativity by their mention. Blue is the color that represents the universe and calm. So we bring to you these positive forces to excel in all that we take up.

Diamond-House-Captain       Diamond-House-Vice-Captain
Ridhiman Pandya
Savi Jain
(Vice Captain)
Ruby House

Love, power, energy, passion, confidence, leadership, encouragement, aggression…..

These feelings capture the spirit of Ruby house. With the kind monitoring and responsible management of the teachers, office bearers and students, Ruby house always attempts to live up to the expectations behind the creation of their house.

Ruby-House-Captain       Ruby-House-Vice-Captain
Kriti Gupta
Sukh Sharma
(Vice Captain)
Photography Society

''Capturing a moment'' with a click is what we do with the gadgets in our hands . The photography society's expertise in collection of those joyful and enthralling moments which need to be cherished forever . We envision a final result and treasure the sweet moments.

Secretary Photography Society       Joint Secretary Photography Society
Rohit Nagar
Kartikey Verma
(Joint Secretary)
Social Servive League

Social Service relates to human values and ethics . It helps students to enhance and experience a sensitivity which develops a bond with the society . It inculcates a spirit of compassion that keeps us connected to the world .

Secretary Social Servive League       Joint Secretary Social Servive League
Ayush Jain
Raghav Mantri
(Joint Secretary)
Editorial Board


Editorial-Board-Secretary.jpg       Editorial-Board-Joint-Secretary.jpg
Shreyans Bhandari
Anupreksha Jain
(Joint Secretary)
Alumni Cell
Secretary Alumni Cell       Joint Secretary Alumni Cell
Deepesh Pawa
Raghav Mundra
(Joint Secretary)
Debating Society
Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Aishna Sharma
Shubham Malpani
(Joint Secretary)
Cultural Group
Anirudh Jain
Music Society
Singing Society Secretary.jpg        
Vishal Singh
Kulwant Singh Amera
(Joint Secretary)
IT Society
Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Vaidant Mohta
Prakhar Gupta
(Joint Secretary)
Discipline Society
Singing Society Secretary.jpg       Singing Society Joint-Secretary.jpg
Divya Makhija
Ayushi Nuwal
(Joint Secretary)
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